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MAR is a boutique Studio that offers Massage and Pilates services for people needing to relax & recharge from everyday stresses.

MAR is a new business, but Mariana's passion for health and well-being goes way back. 

She has a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education and for many years devoted her life to instructing Pilates classes, working as a Personal trainer and Massage Therapist. Her passion for fitness and wellness motivated her to do numerous fitness and massage courses. In 2012 she moved to Sydney, Australia, where she got a Level 3 Fitness Certificate. In 2016 Mariana moved to New Zealand, where she started working in the business administration segment. Still, her passion for wellness spoke louder and Mariana followed her dream to open a boutique Massage studio inspired by the Sea, where she goes to recharge her energy and connect with nature.

Mariana is known for her knowledge and skills. Her treatments are personalized and tailored for each client, with no two treatments being the same.